Install Word 2007 using Wineskin

Make sure you have the latest version of X11, you can download this fromĀ

always choose the stable version, download the DMG and double click on the XQuartz.pkg to begin installation, click continue or next on all default options, then reboot the machine

Next download Wineskin

Install by dragging into /Applications/Utilities

Run Wineskin Winery by double clicking the app

Under Installed Engines, click on the + button

Download & install the top available engine by clicking on ‘Download & Install’

When the ‘File Downloader’ window opens click the ‘OK’ button

Once that has finished the Wineskin Winery window will open again, this time locate the ‘Wrapper Version’ section and click on the ‘Update’ button

A new ‘File Downloader’ will open, again, click on the ‘OK’ button

Now you will need to create your wrapper so that you can install Office 2010, do this by clicking on ‘Create New Blank Wrapper’

name it ‘Word 2007’ and click on ‘OK’

You may be prompted to install a Wine Gecko package, if so then click Install

Once that has completed you will get a window announcing that the wrapper creation has finished, click on ‘View wrapper in Finder’

Double click on your Word 2007 app and click on ‘Install Windows Software’

At this point, insert your Office 2007 DVD or mount the ISO and navigate to the ‘setup.exe’ file on it, click on ‘setup.exe’ and then click ‘Choose’

You should get a regular Office 2007 window and you can proceed with the installation as follows

Enter your license code and click on the ‘Continue’ button

click on the box next to ‘I accept the terms of this agreement’ and then click the ‘Continue’ button

click the ‘Customize’ button

click on the icon next to ‘Microsoft Office’ at the top of the screen and choose ‘Run all from My Computer

Next remove the components you don’t wish to install, I tend to remove Excel, Outlook, Access, Publisher, Groove, Infopath, OneNote, Outlook, Visio Viewer.

then click on the ‘Install Now’ button

Once the installation has finished click on the ‘Close’ button

You will get an error screen saying that ‘The programs executable file currently set in Wineskin is not found after installation’, this is fine, just click on the ‘OK’ button

You will then be presented with the wineskin window again, this time click on ‘Advanced’

In the ‘Wineskin Advanced’ window, click on the ‘Browse’ button next to Windows EXE

navigate to /Users/USERNAME/Applications/Wineskin/Word 2007/Contents/Resources/drive_c/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office12/ and click on WINWORD.EXE, then click the ‘Choose’ button
(replace USERNAME with the shortname of account that you are using)

then click ‘Done’ on the Wineskin Advanced window, then click the ‘Quit’ button on the Wineskin window

next navigate to /Users/USERNAME/Applications/Wineskin/ and double click on ‘Word’

Enter your details when prompted in the ‘User Name’ window and click ‘OK’

unstick all the boxes on the ‘Privacy Options’ window and click on the ‘Next’ button

click on ‘I don’t want to use Microsoft Update’ and then click on the ‘Finish’ button

To get rid of the .dotx template error at startup, do the following, click on the Office button in the top left hand corner of the Word window, click on close, then click on the Office button again, and choose New, then Blank Document, then quit Word, the next time you open Word you won’t get the error again

So you are almost done, all you need now is a decent icon for the Word app

google search for a decent Word.png and download it

Next download IMG2ICNS from

drag the app into your Applications folder

Open and then just drag your downloaded image file into the app window and then click on the icns export button, save it to your desktop

Next navigate to Users/USERNAME/Applications/Wineskin and single click on Word, then click CMD I to open the Get Info window

At the very top left hand corner of the Info window there is the current icon, drag the one you created to the icon in the info window and you will get a little green + button, release the button and the new icon will take the place of the old one, much tidier

and finally, if you wish to open all of your Word documents with this program then do the following

locate a word document in Finder

CTRL click (right click) on the document and choose ‘Open With’ then ‘Other’

when the window opens navigate to your Word (/Users/USERNAME/Applications/Wineskin/Word

make sure you click on the ‘Always Open With’ checkbox at the bottom and click on the ‘Open’ button

To test if it has worked just double click on a Word Document