Add a user to the Print Operator group

To add a non administrative user to the Print Operators group, you need to enter the following command into a Terminal window

sudo dseditgroup -o edit -u ADMINISTRATOR -p -a USER -t user _lpadmin

You will need to replace ADMINISTRATOR with the shortname of an admin account & you will need to replace USER with the shortname of the account you wish to add to the print operators group

when you hit enter then you will be prompted for your admin password, so enter that, but you will then be prompted “Please enter user password”, enter the password associated with the admin account mentioned in the command

To check if the user has been added to the Print Operators group then enter the following into a Terminal window

dscl . -read /Groups/_lpadmin GroupMembership

NFS mounts – No Path to Directory

So the other day I was trying to configure a Mac server to export the /Users directory and I kept getting the error mentioned above ‘No path to directory’, which was odd, but it seems that NFS is not a fan of aliases, and I had moved the Users directory onto another hard drive (as I had switched to faster SSD’s for the System Drives) and aliased it to /Users

The solution was to share the new location of the Users folder which I had on a Volume named Data, so sharing /Volumes/Data/Users as Users served the same purpose as I was looking for, and NFS was happy with this.

So long story short, if your NFS shares are throwing up this error, look for aliases and reshare the direct location.