System Preferences – Security & Privacy – 10.8


So, the major change in 10.8 is the default restrictions on which applications can be installed, which can prevent installation of apps such as Microsoft Office and some other popular software.

To enable software from all developers, make sure that under ‘Allow applications downloaded from:’ the button next to ‘Anywhere’ is selected

I’d also recommend ticking the box next to ‘Require password after sleep or screen saver begins’ to prevent unauthorised use of your machine

In the FileVault tab you have the option of encrypting your whole system drive, this is great on a laptop as it will prevent access before even booting & will disable Target Disk Mode, make sure you have a note of the Recovery Key that is displayed when enabling this, as this will be the only way you could access the machine if you forgot your password.

The Privacy tab now has info on which apps have requested access to your contacts, location service info, access to Facebook, and the option to send diagnostic data to Apple

HELP! I’ve forgotten my administrator password – 10.7

If you have forgotten the passwords to any of your accounts on a mac then you can reset them by following these instructions

Reboot your Mac and hold down ALT

When it shows all available drives, choose the Recovery HD, if you have set a firmware password, then you will need to enter that before getting to the available drives

When booted into the Recovery HD, click on Utilities and then choose Terminal

When the Terminal window opens, type the following


A new window will open, click on your System Drive and you will then be able to select any available account on that drive and reset the password for it

Please be aware that you will not gain access to the keychain for that account, so if you are after information saved in that keychain then you won’t be able to get it.