SugarSync Issues – not syncing

SugarSync is a cloud based data syncing service, similar to Dropbox, but with a higher storage allocation for a free account (5GB as opposed to 2GB with Dropbox) and a few other features which put it above Dropbox in terms of value.

For a full list of benefits versus other cloud syncing services, check out their website

But, as with any software, sometimes there can be issues, and if you run into a problem where SugarSync stops syncing, then this will help you get it back up and running.

First of all, make sure you are in an account that has administrator rights

Click on Finder

Press SHIFT CMD G to open the ‘Go to Folder’ window

Copy and Paste /Applications/SugarSync Manager/Contents/Resources/ into the box and click on ‘Go’

Double click on SugarSyncUninstaller.command

A Terminal window will open asking you to enter your admin password, so do this and press enter

The removal script will run, once its complete, restart the Mac

Once you have logged back in, go to and get the latest version of the software

Double click on the Disk Image (.dmg) to mount it, and then drag the SugarSync Manager app back into /Applications

Double click the SugarSync Manager app once in Applications, and it will fire up and ask you to enter your account details, once you have entered these then the app should start to check your folders for changed data, this can take upto 30-40 minutes depending on your internet connection, so be patient, once this has all been resolved then SugarSync will be back to it’s usual self.

This method resolves most issues with syncing, particularly if you entries in the logs similar to the following

com.SugarSync.Manager        waiting for connection

com.SugarSync.Manager        Job appears to have crashed: Abort trap

ReportCrash      Saved crash report for SugarSyncManager   version ??? (1.9.69)

Add a user to the Print Operator group

To add a non administrative user to the Print Operators group, you need to enter the following command into a Terminal window

sudo dseditgroup -o edit -u ADMINISTRATOR -p -a USER -t user _lpadmin

You will need to replace ADMINISTRATOR with the shortname of an admin account & you will need to replace USER with the shortname of the account you wish to add to the print operators group

when you hit enter then you will be prompted for your admin password, so enter that, but you will then be prompted “Please enter user password”, enter the password associated with the admin account mentioned in the command

To check if the user has been added to the Print Operators group then enter the following into a Terminal window

dscl . -read /Groups/_lpadmin GroupMembership