Managed Preferences – Cache Flush


The other day I was trying to access some restricted preferences on a 10.6 client, bound to a 10.6 Server that no longer existed, and because of this, I had no way of removing the restrictions

Or so I thought, thankfully Apple had provided a Knowledge Base article detailing how to manually flush the cache, enabling access to the previously restricted preferences.

To do this, I opened up Terminal and input the following command all on one line

dscl . -list Computers | grep -v "^localhost$" | while read computer_name ; 
do sudo dscl . -delete Computers/"$computer_name" ; done

This worked, I was able to amend the settings needed, I have provided the link to the Apple page below, in case you need information on how to do this on earlier OS’s

HP Printer Drivers v2.10 update – crashes when printing

So, if you’ve recently updated your HP Drivers to version 2.10 then you may have noticed that when you try and print a document that it crashes the application that you are trying to print from.
To rectify this, you need to do the following

Click on Finder

Click on ‘Go’ in the menubar

Click on ‘Go to Folder’

Paste the following location


CTRL click on the ‘hpPostScriptPDE.plugin’

Click on ‘Show Package Contents’

Click on ‘Contents’

Delete the PlugIns folder

Now try printing a document, you should find that it now works as expected.