System Preferences – Energy Saver – 10.8

The Energy Saver preference has a new addition – Power Nap!

This enables your Mac to check for e-mail, calendar and iCloud updates whilst asleep, which is great, as it saves on syncing time when awaking a machine, the downside however is that it uses more power than the conventional sleep mode, so it’s best to use it only when plugged into the mains.

System Preferences – Displays – 10.8

The Displays preference has changed a bit, with the best feature being the addition of the AirPlay mirroring feature.

If you have an Apple TV then you can mirror your Mac’s Desktop to your TV screen, which is great for simplifying presentations.

You could have an Apple TV hooked up to a Projector or a Large Screen TV, and have people wirelessly connect to them, preventing the messing around with VGA Cables or forgotten adapters.

System Preferences – Notifications – 10.8

A brand new System Preference for 10.8 is the Notifications Preference.

This is essentially just the same as the one on iOS, and gives you options over what type of alerts you receive from all of the various applications on your Mac

Usually the default options for each app are fine, the one thing I would recommend doing however is re-arranging the list so that the apps important to you are at the top of the Notification Center

If you haven’t discovered the Notification Center yet, its accessed by clicking on the notification icon in the menu bar, the 3 dots and 3 lines in the very top right hand corner.

If you have set up your Facebook account, then you will also have a box at the top of this to post instantly to Facebook.

System Preferences – Security & Privacy – 10.8


So, the major change in 10.8 is the default restrictions on which applications can be installed, which can prevent installation of apps such as Microsoft Office and some other popular software.

To enable software from all developers, make sure that under ‘Allow applications downloaded from:’ the button next to ‘Anywhere’ is selected

I’d also recommend ticking the box next to ‘Require password after sleep or screen saver begins’ to prevent unauthorised use of your machine

In the FileVault tab you have the option of encrypting your whole system drive, this is great on a laptop as it will prevent access before even booting & will disable Target Disk Mode, make sure you have a note of the Recovery Key that is displayed when enabling this, as this will be the only way you could access the machine if you forgot your password.

The Privacy tab now has info on which apps have requested access to your contacts, location service info, access to Facebook, and the option to send diagnostic data to Apple

System Preferences – Dock – 10.8


As with last weeks, there isn’t too much to be said about the Dock


I would recommend ticking the box next to ‘Automatically hide and show the Dock’ if you happen to be using your Mac as a presentation machine though, it looks a little tidier/more professional than having the Dock displayed


If you are always opening multiple applications windows however, and then end up minimizing them and your Dock just ends up getting smaller and smaller then I would recommend ticking the box next to ‘Minimize windows into applications icon’ as this will help keep your Dock uncluttered.

To restore the window, then all you need to do is click on the application icon and it will restore your last minimised window

If you do this with multiple windows in the same application then to open windows that were minimised earlier then you just right click (CTRL click) on the application icon and choose the window from the list